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Metal Laser Cutting Machine with Power 500W and Cutting Size 1300 × 2500mm

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chất lượng tốt Fiber Laser Cutting Machine giảm giá
chất lượng tốt Fiber Laser Cutting Machine giảm giá
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Metal Laser Cutting Machine with Power 500W and Cutting Size 1300 × 2500mm

Trung Quốc Metal Laser Cutting Machine with Power 500W and Cutting Size 1300 × 2500mm nhà cung cấp

Hình ảnh lớn :  Metal Laser Cutting Machine with Power 500W and Cutting Size 1300 × 2500mm

Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm:

Place of Origin: China
Hàng hiệu: Suntop laser
Chứng nhận: CE&ISO9001
Model Number: QY-FC2513

Thanh toán:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Giá bán: USD85,500-USD110,000/set
Packaging Details: packed with special film which special for 40 feet container sea shipping
Delivery Time: 20-30 work days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 1500sets/year
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Chi tiết sản phẩm
laser type: Fiber laser Max. cutting thickness: 6-8mm( depend on the actual materials )
Application materials: stainless steel, carbon steel, Aluminum, copper etc Effective cutting size: 1300*2500mm(other size can be customized )
Laser power: 500W ( other power can be optional ) Machine gross weight: 3000KG
Cooling method: water cooling
Điểm nổi bật:

fiber laser cutting equipment


fiber laser cutter

Detailed product descriptions


Metal laser cutting machine with power 500W and cutting size 1300*2500mm



1. Machine general introduction


QY-FC2513 500W fiber laser cutting machine is achieved by powerful laser focused on object to cause instant melting and evaporation, with original fiber laser imported from Germany IPG. Automatic cutting is controlled by digitalized mechanic system, this machine has condensed the technologies of laser, digital, and precise mechanics,


Use the gantry working table and the whole steel welding structure which make the machine very stable movement and almost no distortion, the key parts are imported from Germany or USA; it’s the China’s price, but European quality,the laser cutting head has the automatic tracking functions which can agree with the metal wave surface. the laser head can be adjusted through the Z axis travelling area from 0-100mm.


2. Machine main features:


2.1. Our fiber laser cutting machine can be widely used to cut the sheet metals, for example: stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper etc.the machine uses a moving gantry structure, imported high-precision screw and linear guide, smooth transmission, high precision.

2.2. Bed with the moving beam as a whole welded structure, roughing after annealing, and then the vibration aging treatment, can completely eliminate the stress of welding and machining, good rigidity, high accuracy can be maintained for a long time does not deform, the X, Y, Z axes are imported from Japan servo motor, high-precision, high- speed, high-torque, high inertia, stable performance and durable. Ensure the machine's high speed and acceleration.

2.3. Using many laser cutting control special function modules, powerful, human-machine interface, easy to operate based on the Windows operating system, fiber laser cutting machine CNC system integrate and Independent research and development of personalized nesting software, CNC cutting machine to achieve “full-time cutting, efficient cutting and high - nesting rate cut " core technology is the fundamental guarantee of effective material savings, improve cutting efficiency

2.4. Imported high - precision electronic control proportional valve, precise control of the cutting auxiliary gas pressure, in order to achieve the best cutting results

2.5. Using Japan Panasonic servo motor and drive;
Using advanced Japan Panasonic A5 series servo motor and drive, it is automatic compensation the path of cutting and ensure the cutting precision, adopt fiber dedicated laser cutting head and automatic tracking system.


3. Application fields

Our 500W fiber laser cutting machine is widely applied in industrial pipeline processing, explosion-proof equipment, military industry, chemical industry, oil exploration, lamps and lanterns, metal processing, ironware, building, etc.


4. Application materials

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet and other metal pipes and tubes.


5. The machine’s main structures

The machine consists of machine tool, fiber laser source, the CNC control cabinet, the water chiller, the CNC control system


5.1. Technical specifications:

Optical parameter



Running mode


Center radiation wavelength



Standard output power



Beam quality



Adjusting speed



Transmission fiber diameter



Output power stability





Power consumption




5.2. System structures






Optical system

speed expansion lens

focusing lens





Adopt the Germany technology and special designed, optical lens directly affect the quality of facular, the affect the quality of cutting seam and flange, cutting speed and the cutting thickness


Japan Panasonic servo motor



Adopt the high precision Panasonic servo motors and the corresponding driver, imported screw and rails from Taiwan HIWIN famous brand.


Fiber laser source


Original Germany IPG or the China A top quality Raycus ( optional )


Control system


Industrial PC, high temperature resistance and more stability


Advanced cutting Software


CYPCUT (You can easily achieve a high degree of automatic tracking, segmentation perforation, perforation progressive, cutting edge finder, leapfrog elevation, elevation of the cutting head arbitrarily set, light path compensation
Position with a speed double-loop algorithm, speed and accuracy performance are significantly better than similar products at home and abroad.


5.3. The machine tools features

The machine tool is box structure; plate welding can be maintained all year round with no deformation;

It has assistant equipment of discharging, tightly pressing and blanking.


6. The machine’s main technical parameters




Max. laser power


Laser wavelength


Effective processing area

1300*2500mm(other size can be customized )


Red light indication

X,Y axis repeat positioning precision


X/Y axis positioning accuracy


Z axis route


X/Y max axial acceleration


Max. loading weight


Protection level of main power


Max. cutting thickness

≤6mm ( the real thickness depend on the actual materials )

Cutting software Support format

DXF and PLT which outputted from the Auto CAD or CorelDraw software )

Total power consumed


Power supply

3 phases , 4 wires AC, 380V, 50HZ/60HZ/60A

The Auxiliary gas

O2 , N2 and compressed air

Machine whole weight


Machine loading method

40 feet container


7. Cutting speed table (only for reference, the actual speed depend on the actual materials)


Thickness (mm)


 Max. cutting speed ( mm/Min )

      Auxiliary gas





   Carbon steel
















  Stainless steel











  Aluminum alloy







8. Machine’s main configurations









      1 set


 Fiber laser source




 CNC control system




  Laser cutting head

   Patent products ( USA technology )



    Water chiller

               Wuhan China



9. The spare parts free provided from supplier

※ Protection lens 2 pieces

※ Nozzle 2 pieces

※ Allen wrench 1 set

※ Cleaning paper 1 set

※ User menu 1 set


10. Installation and commissioning

The service from the seller:

1. Dispatch the qualified technicians;

2. Supervision of customer’s personnel for:

a) Supply of labors, carnages and insureance to unload machine and assist the installation work under the instruction of seller’s supervisor.

b) Positioning the machine

c) Connecting the cables and hoses to the machine

d) Prepare the installation

3. The buyer’s responsibility

a) An air compressor (mainly for pneumatic movements)

b) A bottle of liquid oxygen (the purity more than 99.99%)

d) Power: 380V 50HZ 3 phase (with a 30KW regulator)

e) Gases, air and electrical supplies are available for the connection to the machine at the nominated points.

f) Buyer is to ensure the site is clear prior to commencement of installation, adjusting and training.

g) Supply the metal sheet for commissioning testing, machine alignment and training.

h) Equipment installation location must be clean, no vibration


11. The training contents

The buyer should be arrange one or two engineer who know the basic knowledge of computer and the software to accept the training, the training will comprise of the following:

11.1. Introduce the machine’s each part’s name and the main functions.

11.2. The machine’s running theory.

11.3. Control features and the operation.

11.4. Machine maintenance and the adjustment.

11.5. Machine’s software each functions and parameters setting.

11.6. Machine’s troubleshooting and the solutions.


12. Our special Services

13.1. Before sale: buyer inform their main cutting requirements, for example the metal type, thickness and their daily capacity, then we will recommend the suitable laser cutting machine;

13.2. After confirmed the laser model, buyer can send their materials for testing if they want, or we can record the cutting demo short video and the cutting samples pictures to send to the buyer by email.

13.3. If buyer wants to come to seller’s factory to see the machine’s performance, seller will pick them up from the Shanghai Pu Dong airport by car and reserve the hotel for buyer at the same time if they need.


13. Our company mission

14.1. To provide the laser machines with European quality and China prices;

14.2. To provide the professional laser solutions to every oversea customers, not only the machine itself;

14.3. We have a strong service team who can provide the prompt after sale services to oversea customers within 12 hours.


14. This fiber laser cutting machine’s metal cutting real samples as follows:


Metal Laser Cutting Machine with Power 500W and Cutting Size 1300 × 2500mm          Metal Laser Cutting Machine with Power 500W and Cutting Size 1300 × 2500mm          Metal Laser Cutting Machine with Power 500W and Cutting Size 1300 × 2500mm



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